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Discover Lijiang Old Town in Yunnan China

Located in the northwest plateau of Yunnan Province with an altitude of 2,400m, Lijiang Ancient City was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, dated back to more than eight hundred years ago. It takes Jinsha River and Lishui River as its soul, with the zigzag streets, lanes, high and short civil residents and the quiet bridge as well as flowing water forming the harmonious unity of human, building and natural environment. Three rivers come through the ancient city. Get dazzled by the numerous tourist sites in China and do not know where to go for your China travel ? If yes, a visit to Lijiang Old Town to experience the tranquil atmosphere there is kindly suggested.

The Yuquan River water from the foot of Xiangshan Mountain winds into the City in middle, eastern and western branches and then divides into numerous branches surrounding streets and residential buildings. The comfortable and peaceful living style of the local people in the ancient city is most haunting for people. A lot of small courtyards and houses are built by the river. The ancient style building of earth and wooden structure takes Han, Bai and Naxi styles into one, and integrates with arts and pragmatism. In addition, various flowers are planted in the courtyards, making each courtyard a small garden. Strolling around the ancient Lijiang Town to discover its profound ethnic culture there would be a great experience
in your China vacation deals.

When you come to the beautiful Lijiang Ancient City, the Naxi people here will let you experience the strong Nanxi folk culture. The wise Naxi ancestors created the ancient and mysterious Dongba culture and also created the splendid plateau civilization. Dongba characters, the “only live hieroglyph in the current world”, the primitive and lingering Dongba music, and the mysterious Dongba ancient religion all display the unique, marvelous and distinctive features of Naxi minority.

The world famous Old Town of Lijiang is located in Lijiang City. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The town has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the old tea horse road. The Lijiang old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges. The old town of Lijiang differs from other ancient Chinese cities in architecture, history and the culture of its traditional residents the Nakhi people, therefore people there are called Panjinge and Pangjinmei.

When visiting Yunnan China, many people may think of a travel to Shangri-la to discover the charming scenery there, where for the culture-lovers, a visit to Lijiang Old Town should never be missed for them as well, because it do have something to offer for them.

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