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Top Must-visits in Hainan China

Monkey Island

Located on the Nanwan peninsula, 14 kilometers south of Lingshui County, Monkey Island is a state-protected and only nature reserve for macaque monkeys in the world. Established in 1965, the island has become a popular tourist destination. More than 400 kinds of plants and fruits, 100 animals and numerous grottos make the island a perfect paradise for monkeys. It is now home to approximately 2,500 monkeys among 21 species. It also has the longest over-water cable car in China, spanning 2,138 meters, providing convenient transportation to the island. Free guides advise visitors how to play with the monkeys and experience the harmony between humans and nature.

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden

Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden in Xinglong Hot Spring Tourist Zone is a splendid natural region in Hainan, famous for tropical cash crops, wild plants and rare species. Built in 1957, it covers 400,000 square meters and is one of four national eco-environment education centers and gene pools of species in China. Called the "tropical plants encyclopedia," the garden consists of five areas: Plants Area, Experiment and Demonstration Area, Technology Innovation Area, Stereo Effect Planting Area and Ecological Leisure Area. The garden also plays an important role in agricultural cultivation and research.

Coconut trees in Wenchang

The Wenchang coconut trees form the largest group of coconut trees in China and is one of the most popular scenic areas in Hainan. There are more than 500,000 trees. Coconut juice is called "holy water" by local residents and is said to help people who drink it regain their youthful vigor.

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