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Discover the Hometown of Snow In China: Shuangfeng Forest Farm

Although outdoor temperatures reached as low as twenty degrees Celsius below zero, a small village, known as China's Snow Town in the Snow Country National Forest Park has attracted many visitors from other cities who have come to enjoy the unique snow which is lying thickly. If you are planning to discover the beauty of China in winter, a visit to the Shuangfeng Forest Farm, the hometown of snow in China, along your China travel would never get you disappointed.

Situated in Hailin county, Heilongjiang Province, Shuangfeng Forest Farm is called the first hometown of snow in China. Rich in eco-tourism resources, minerals and wildlife resources, Dahailin Forestry Bureau is known as "the Hometown of White Pine" and "the Land of Holy Snow".Influenced by the climate of that mountainous area, whenever autumn comes, the whole mountain is covered by snow. The snow season lasts about 7 months, covering the area in up to 2 meters of snow, more than any other place in China. No China vacation packages of snow discovery theme are complete without covering Shuangfeng Forest Farm.

Spring Festival is the best time for snow. The scenery is just beautiful: local houses with thick white snow on their roovfs, smoke wreathing upward through the chimney, big red lanterns hanging in front of houses and the big red Chinese character "Fu" meaning luckiness showing on the gate, with the crystal snow mountain and pine trees as background. In 2012, China Snow Town was awarded the title of "National Civilized Village" by the Central Committee of Civilization.

Nearly 120, 000 travelers from other provinces in China and overseas have visited the town and the gate income has reached 8.65 million yuan ($1.39 million) with per capita consumption reaching 550 yuan. The numbers will reach 10 million in 2012, said Ning Xiaofeng, director of the Tourism Bureau of China's Snow Town. The Shuangfeng Forest Farm does contribute greatly to China tourism.

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