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Top Must-sees in Ningxia China

Cliff Carvings in the Helan Mountains

The Cliff Carvings in the Helan Mountains, 56 kilometers from Yinchuan, are known to be a carved history of ancient Chinese nomads, who lived and hunted some 10,000 years ago near these mountains. Those thousands of cliff carvings display a rich variety of themes such as astronomy, human activities and geography. Most of them were discovered at entrances to the mountains, recording the scenes of nomadic life with scenes of rituals and drawings of people and animals. Especially noteworthy are carvings about mythical tales, legendary figures and genital worship. These cliff carvings have become a national cultural relic under special protection. It was listed on the unofficial world cultural heritages by the UNESCO International Committee of Rock Painting in 1977. It is no wonder that so many private tours of China have covered Ningxia area and The cliff carvings in Helan Mountains would be a must-have among them.

Suyukou Forest Reserve

The Suyukou Forest Reserve sits on the eastern side of the Helan Mountain, 50 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan. The area was famous even during ancient times for the liveliness of its scenery. The scenic zone includes such gorgeous sights as the Baiyu Vale, the Guest-Reception Pine, the Twin Waterfalls, the maze of winding footpaths in a forest of fir trees, fossilized plants, the Sky in a Slip, the Dasi Canyon, the Stone Descended from Heaven, and the Mushroom-shaped Rock. Wandering yourself in the Suyukou Forest Reserve, you may have an illusion that you are having a Shangri-la travel just because of its breathtaking scenery.

108 Pagodas

The 108 Pagodas is located on the east slope of the Xiakou Mountain on the west bank of Yellow River in Qingtongxia City. The pagodas sit in tiers on the mountain slope forming an equilateral triangle. The biggest tower sits at the top, with smaller ones making up the base of the pyramid . The pagodas have three different shapes (pyramid, gourd, and vase), and range in height from 2.5 to 3.5 meters. Each pagoda is composed of three parts: pedestal, body and ornamentation decorating the upper. Buddhists think that there are 108 kinds of worries in a person's life, and a devout would wear a rosary with 108 beads and say prayers 108 times. It is said that tourists will forget their worries and become lucky by praying in front of – and count out – the 108 Pagodas.

When mentioning China travel, Yangtze River cruises would be suggested by many people, just because of its amazing natural beauty, while for discovering the less-touched northern scenery of China, a visit to Ningxia will never get you disappointed. When visiting Ningxia, the above three should never be missed.

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