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The Difference Between Chinese Tea Ceremony and Japanese Tea Ceremonies

Though born from Chinese rituals which have their roots in Zen Buddhism, the Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies have now diverged to contain many differences. These years, many China travel agencies have arranged Chinese tea culture discovery activities to their customers, which are well-reviewed by travelers.

The Japanese tea ceremony features a quietly reflective ceremony where the preparation of tea takes place in silence. The Chinese tea ceremony takes place to celebrate a wedding and is seen as a fun and happy occasion.

During the Japanese ceremony guests sit in silence watching the host prepares matcha tea. As the newlyweds in the Chinese ceremony prepare tea the good luck woman speaks positive, often funny phrases to amuse the guests. Many China vacation deals of Chinese culture discovery theme have included tea culture discovery part. Through these activities, visitors would know the difference between Chinese tea and Japanese tea.

Sweet candies are served before the Japanese tea ceremony while the Chinese ceremony uses dried fruits served with the tea.

The Japanese ceremony is a social event completed by the guests discussing both the tea and handmade utensils used by the host. The making and giving of tea in the Chinese ceremony bares similarities to the exchange of vows during a Western wedding ceremony.

A number of Zen principles govern the Japanese ceremony which include harmony, respect and purity. The presenting of tea in the Chinese ceremony serves as an introduction by the newlyweds to their new families and a sign of respect to the parents.

To explore China, many people would begin their exploration from joining a Beijing tour, while to discover an authentic China, Chinese culture discovery should never be missed, among which, tea culture would be a must-have.

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