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Must-see Attractions in Xinjiang China

Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot in Tianshan Mountain

With an altitude of 1,928 meters, Heavenly Lake is located at the base of Bogda Peak, the highest peak of the east side of Tianshan Mountain, 110 km east of Urumqi. Covering a total area of 380.69 square kilometers, the scenic spot includes the lake and surrounding mountains. No China vacation packages to Xinjiang are complete without discovering the breathtaking Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot in Tianshan Mountain.

In the shape of crescent, the lake is 3,400 meters long, 1,500 meters wide at its widest point, and 105 meters deep at its deepest point, covering an area of 4.9 square kilometers. The water, sourced from mountain snow, is crystal clear. It has been given a beautiful name: "Pearl of Tianshan Mountain." In 1990, the Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot was included in the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve program.

In summer, Heavenly Lake is an ideal place to escape the heat; in the winter, the frozen lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains becomes a ski resort. The Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot in Tianshan Mountain would offer you unforgettable experience along your China tours.

Mori Forest of Diversiform-leaved Poplars

A forest of diversiform-leaved poplars, a tenacious ancient species, can be found at the south edge of Junggar Basin, 150 km away from Mori County, covering an area of 35 square kilometers. With a history of 65 million years, the forest is the oldest primeval forest of diversiform-leaved poplars in the world, and is known as a "living fossil".

Faced with broiling heat and droughts, the forest stills stand in the desert, brimming with energy and life. The trees are described as "having the ability to grow erect for a thousand years, live for a thousand years after falling, and the life remain undying after death for another thousand years." It is no wonder that so many China tour operators have arranged the Mori Forest of Diversiform-leaved Poplars to their Xinjiang itinerary upon the request of travelers.

Far away from urban and rural areas, the forest contains about 30,000 diversiform-leaved poplars with an average age of 200-400 years. The oldest tree, known as the "ancestor tree," has lived there for over 1,000 years, with its trunk measuring 3.1 meters in diameter.

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