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Useful Tips for Jiuzhaigou China Travel

Due to its breathtaking scenery, many travel-lovers particularly request their China tour agents to add Jiuzhaigou Valley to their itinerary. For the convenience of travelers, some helpful Jiuzhaigou travel tips for visitors.

Where to stay: There are more than a hundred hotels, which can offer more than 20,000 beds, ranging from star graded to economic ones. There are several choices for you.

For those who want to make the trip extremely enjoyable, Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort and Jiuzhai Paradise International Resort & Convention Center are good choice. Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort offers you excellent breakfast and comfortable bed, which is only 1.5km to the entrance. Jiuzhai Paradise International Resort & Convention Center has a fabulous lobby with a steel structure and glass roof, and Qiang style stone pillbox, and flowing water with some beautiful birds hovering in. This resort is located on Ganhaizi semi-marsh land, about 20km to the entrance.

Some four-star and four-star-standard hotels, such as the Jiuzhai Grand Hotel, Xinjiuzhai Hotel and CTS Hotel, are not far from the entrance.
Another nice hotel worth recommending is Jarpo ancient town, which means the king town in Tibetan language. It is located near ganhaizi semi-marsh land, 55km to Jiuhuang Airport and 27km to the entrance of Jiuzhaigou. It is a lovely small town with all buildings in Tibetan style decoration, with villas and shopping streets available.

Some economical ones secretly stay in Heye guesthouses owned by local Tibetan people which is just at the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Valley. But this is officially forbidden in order to protect the enviroment,all visitors are requested to stay out of the valley. This would be the first thing that you need to handle along your China travel to Jiuzhaigou.

Where and what special to eat: Nuorilang restaurant is not the only choice in the valley. Located at the cross of three gullies, it is always very crowded. Buffet served there. During your journey you can see three Tibetan villages, there are Heye village, Shuzheng village and Zezhawa village. It is easy to find food in Shuzheng village and Zezhawa village, especially Shuzheng village is so popular as a shopping mall.

There are still much more choices outside the valley, such as fungus soup hot pot in Jiuzhaishanzhen Restaurant and traditional Tibetan food in Zangwangyanwu Restaurant.Even hamburgers and fried chickens, French-fries can be found near the entrance at the same price as those in Chengdu.Goat barbeque party is so exciting. When dark fallen, setting a camp fire in local Tibetan garden, with a goat baked, drinking butter tea and Qingke barley liquor, singing and dancing with the Tibetan family. You can hardly describe what a wonderful life it is! These dinning tips would be great helpful for your China travel deals to Jiuzhaigou.
Entrance fee: The tickets to Jiuzhaigou include the sightseeing ticket and the traffic bus ticket. In low season(Nov.16th to Mar.),the ticket fee is 80 Yuan while in the high travel season(April 1st to Nov.15th) it is 220 Yuan. The traffic bus fee is always 90 Yuan. For the visitors who are interested in hiking in Jiuzhaigou national park can buy only the sightseeing tickets. There is a very nice newlly-built wooden plank road in the park.

The entrance fee to Huanglong national park is 200 Yuan from Apr. to 15th Nov. and 80 Yuan from 16th Nov. to march the next year.

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