Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Useful Tips for Yangtze River Cruise

China is a large tourist country with numerous attractions, which appeals numerous travel-lovers join different kinds of China tour packages despite of fatigue and long journey. Among the uncountable China attractions, Yangtze River cruise is a must-have, which is quite popular among travelers domestic and abroad. The following Yangtze River cruise tips are offered.

A trip usually goes well and smoothly when you make plans for it, especially a river trip cruising along the Yangtze River by ship for 4 to 5, or even 9 to 10 days. Here provides the most thoughtful travel tips for you to prepare your Yangtze River tour.

Insurance & Documents: You are suggested that you purchase travel insurance in your home country before you taking the Yangtze Cruise tour, although all the travel agencies in China offer agency’s liability insurance. Take the documents for traveling in China with you during the Yangtze Cruise tour.

Itinerary & Season: Travel experience could be quite different for the various itineraries offered on the Yangtze cruise tour. You can either cruise downstream or upstream, and both short and long routes are available. You will also see different scenery if visiting the river in different seasons.

On-board Experience: During your cruise tour, meals, drinks, and all kinds of entertainment are all served on board.

Packing & Clothing: We suggest various necessities and clothes to pack for a Yangtze cruise tour.

Security: We offer security tips for your stay on board and excursion tours on shore.

Other Matters: More tips for your Yangtze River cruise tour, including kids, pets, transportation, how to check-in, and shopping are provided.

No China travel is complete without enjoying the terrific Yangtze River cruises. Have it and discover the beauty of China.

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