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Recommended Rafting Places in China

River rafting is a quite exciting sport that beloved by many people, especially the young. Screaming, laughing,ups and downs, getting wet totally, all give you an exciting and relaxing experience. In addition, if the scenery is gorgeous, the journey will be more pleasing. Here we lisited top 10 places for river rafting in China, ranging from river rafting, gorge rafting to underground rafting, which is a true feast for rafting lovers. For adventure-lovers, no last minute deals for China travel are crazy enough without rafting outside.

Shapotou (Ningxia, Yinchuan)

Perhaps only in the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia, in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, can you see such a unique vehicle for water travel - sheepskin rafts. Drifting on the Yellow Rivers, where the water moves rather quickly, the small vessel allows one to feel the special complexity of the mother river. Experience breathtaking excitement and appreciate the unusual folk-custom scenery on the both sides of the Yellow River. A unique experience indeed. To rafting in this area, you could particularly ask your China tour agents to add this site to your itinerary and they would be pleased to do that.

Minjiang River (Sichuan, Wenchuan)

Stemming from Qianlixue, near Min Mountain, and gathering around Huanglongshui of Jiuzhai, this river flows across Zang County of Qiangzhai, breaks through magnificent and beautiful Minjiang River Canyon before leaping down the Dujiang Dam. Minjiang’s power and beauty together with strength and kindness and extremely of the nearby mountains tell a story of harmony for both man and nature to learn from. Surging down the Minjiang River is a elarge part of the Dajiuzai Rafting Tour Projects. Be sure to check those out if you choose to pay homage to this place. Many top10 China tour package available on the website includes this activity in their itineraries.

Maling River (Guizhou, Xingyi)

After China’s first International Kayak Competition, held in 1998 at the Maling River, met with great favor, this gem of a river turned into an international attraction for kayakers the world over. The reason is that the Maling River rafting route is more than 50 kilometers, over 80 dangerous shoals, above 70 deep pools, and more than 60 bends. Even more seductive is the nearly 30 kilometers of “Slot Drifting” in its lower reach. People who like to challenge themselves are keen to access this spot. No wonder that it is referred to as the “No.1 place for river rafting in China”.


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