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Flower-embraced Jiayang Mini Steam Engine Train in Sichuan China

From Leshan Great Buddha down to south about 50km, there is a train called Jiayang mini steam engine train. It is a steamed train (locomotives) on the narrow gauge tracks to transport passengers and coals daily in the area. It is the major transportation to link local residents living in mountains with the outside world. Because of its unique and rare in China, it became a tourist attraction as well. A visit to Jiayang mini steam engine train as an extension to your Yangtze River tour in Chongqing would a great idea for you considering short distance and visit-value.

Train is running from Bagou town to Shixi town, both in Qianwei county. The rail is about 20km long with a track width in 762mm (half of standard tracks in gauge), and it was built in 1958. Train will take about two and half hour for a round-trip in a maximum speed of 35km per hour. When loading with passengers, the train speed is limited to 20km per hour.

There are usually seven cars for the train, and each car on the train has only 18 seats. Every day there have four trains to and from Bagou and Shixi. However, during holidays, extra steamed trains are available for tourists. It is reported that many China tour agents have arranged this off-the-beaten site to their itinerary in order to meet the needs of clients, which turns out to be efficient and beneficial.

There are eight stops in the rail, and four are scenic stops for tourists. Stations are Shixi, Yaojing, Mifengyan, Caibazhi, Xianrenjiao, Jiaoba, Bagou, and Huangchunjing.

Jiayang mini steam engine train carrying tourists and villagers runs in Qianwei County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, March 20, 2011. Built in 1958, Jiayang mini steam engine train with a narrow rail gauge, used to be a coal transportation. Later, added some passengers carriges, it became the major transportation for local villagers living in and around the mountainous Bagou town and Shixi town. As the steam trains disappear in the world, more and more tourists from home and abroad came here to visit the mini steam engine train.

No China travel deals to Sichuan of scenic discovery theme is complete without covering this ancient Jiayang mini steam engine train in their itinerary.

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