Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Qingping Market came into existence in 1979. It has over 2000 stall along 1-km-long Qingping Lu and Ti Yun Lu in the north of Shamian Island. It is the largest street market in Guangzhou. Over 60, 000 people shop there every day. If you want to extend your Hong Kong tour package, then a visit to Guangzhou could be a great idea. During your Guangzhou travel, you should never miss visiting this ancient market and enjoying the pleasure of bargaining.

As one of the first markets to flourish after China’s ‘reopening’, until very recently Qingping Market had something of a notorious reputation for its trade in exotic animals. Health scares mean that most of that has now been swept away, but what remains is a fascinating sprawl of literally thousands of stalls scattered over a number of streets. The focus these days is mainly on medicinal herbs and various vegetation. But you’ll still find plenty of places proffering weird and wonderful merchandise including dried seahorses and scorpions, not to mention a few tiger claw vendors who continue to warily carry on their business from the streets. Qingping Market is centered on Qingping Lu and Tiyun Lu (which runs parallel to Luersan Lu to the north). There are also stalls all the way along Luersan Lu from west of Zhuji Lu to east of Qingping Lu. It’s well worth taking an half an hour or so to wander around the area. To recommend some must-have for your last minute deals for China travel, then a visit to Qingping Market would be a great idea.

Directions: The Qingping Market is directly opposite Shamian Island to the north. Take exit D from Huangsha subway station, go left as you exit and continue straight along Luersan Lu. You will start passing market stalls. Continue until you reach Qingping Lu.

I had heard about the Qing Ping market from a couple of other travelers. They told me not to miss it if I made it to Guangzhou as it was huge and held all sorts of interesting items! They were right! For me it was very intesting as I could see so many "exotic" animals and a different way of life that I hadn't experienced before. I was totally appalled and intrigued at the same time with finding dogs being butchered but at the time I didn't understand that the dogs were raised to be slaughtered unlike the dogs that were kept as pets. Once I understood that! it was easier for me to understand. (I know some of you won't like the idea of this) Like most westerners (except vegetarians) I don't have any problem with seeing butchered cattle so I don't know why seeing the dogs upset me at first. There are different sections in this huge market. You can find endless rows of seafood, turtles, fish, snakes, and all parts of animals are on display for your shopping pleasure.....gosh you name it and you can find it here. There were other parts of the market that had dry goods but I didn't visit that area. It's a place that I would need 3 rolls of film for if I ever had the chance to return.

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