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Fujian Cuisine, One of the Eight Cuisines in China

Fujian cuisine is one of the native Chinese cuisines derived from the native cooking style of Fujian province, China. Fujian-style cuisine is known to be light but flavourful, soft, and tender, with particular emphasis on umami taste, known in Chinese cooking as "xianwei", as well as retaining the original flavour of the main ingredients instead of masking them. If your China vacation deals cover Fujian, you should never miss to taste the palatable Fujian cuisine.

Many diverse seafoods and woodland delicacies are used, including a myriad of fish, shellfish and turtles, or such edible mushrooms and bamboo shoots, provided by the coastal and mountainous regions of Fujian. The most commonly employed cooking techniques in the region's cuisine include braising, stewing, steaming and boiling.

Fujian cuisine consists of four styles:

Fuzhou: the taste is light compared to other styles, often with a mixed sweet and sour taste. Fuzhou is famous for its soups.
Western Fujian: there are often slight spicy tastes from mustard and pepper and the cooking methods are often steaming, frying and stir-frying.
Southern Fujian: spicy and sweet tastes are often found and the selection of sauces used is elaborate.
Quanzhou: the least oily but with the strongest taste/flavour of Fujian cuisine. Great emphasis is placed on the shape of the material for each dish. If your classic China tours cover Xiamen, you could enjoy the savory Fujian food heartily.


Unique seasoning from Fujian include fish sauce, shrimp paste, sugar, Shacha sauce, and preserved apricot. As well, wine lees from the production of rice wine is commonly used in all aspects of the region's cuisine. Red yeast rice is also commonly used in Fujian cuisine, imparting a rosy-red hue to the foods, pleasant aroma, and slightly sweet taste.

Fujian is also well known for its "drunken" (wine marinated) dishes and is famous for the quality of the soup stocks and bases used to flavour their dishes, soups, and stews.

Notable dishes

One of the most famous dishes in Fujian cuisine is "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall", a complex dish making use of many ingredients, including shark's fin, sea cucumber, abalone, and Shaoxing wine.

China travel The savory Fujian cuisine would be a great feast to your eyes and would highlight your China travel greatly.

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