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China Tea Museum in Hangzhou Around West Lake

Located in the Longjing (Dragon Well) Village -- a tea growing area south of the West Lake District in Hangzhou, the China Tea Museum was completed and opened to the public in October 1990. It occupies an area of 3,500 square meters and comprises 4 groups of buildings with displays outlining the traditions of growing tea south of the Yangtze River. Here you can learn about the history of tea, the best varieties and the etiquette of tea drinking in China. Along your Hanghzou tour package, you could pay a visit to this museum.

The four separated buildings are respectively of exhibition, tea sipping and tasting, tea service ceremony, and multi-function. The exhibition building is again divided into 6 exhibition zones, including history of tea-growing, the varieties and distribution of tea in China, events related to tea, various tea utensils used in the old dynasties and tea-drinking habits in different parts of China with tea-related culture. Visitors can also learn about the scientific and technological aspects of tea growing and processing. To save time, you could extend your Suzhou tour package to Hangzhou and visit the mesmerizing West Lake while tasting Dragon Well tea.

No.2 building has been a fine locale for a number of cultural activities on tea, including a series of international seminars on tea culture and exchange.

No. 3 and 4 buildings serve as tea drinking and performance sections, which not only introduce you the way to drink tea in detail, but also display various drinking rituals seen in different provinces and foreign countries.

One of the largest theme museums in Hangzhou City, the China Tea Museum lies with the green hills at its back and tea plantations in front. In the museum the trees made a shade everywhere with flowers in bloom all the year round. It is a calm and quiet place for relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea. Upon the request of clients, many China tour operators have include the Chinese tea tasting experience in their itinerary, which is well reviewed by clients.

Admission Fee:Free

Opening Hours:8:30-16:30 (Oct. 8 - the next Apr. 30); 9:00-17:00 (May 1 - Oct. 7);Close on Monday

Bus Routes:Take bus 27 or Y3 (Tourism Bus Line 3) and get off at Shuangfeng Station.

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