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Lupu Bridge, a Must-have for Your Shanghai Travel.

And the 3,900-meter-long Lupu Bridge has a second claim to fame. It's the world's first ever completely welded bridge structure. In construction a hefty 35,000 tons of steel were used and it took over 700 tons of paint to have the Lupu Bridge ready to meet the public. In your China travel cover Shanghai, then you could walk on this impressive Lupu bridge.

Built to rigorous safety standards, the structure is designed to withstand a force-12 hurricane and an earthquake measuring seven on the Richter Scale.

Like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the structure serves as a stunning sightseeing attraction. However, unlike the Nanpu and Yangpu bridges, also in Shanghai and crossing the same Huangpu River, the viewing platform of the Lupu Bridge is located at the very top of the structure's giant bow-like support archway. Along your Shanghai tours, when you head to Zhujiajiao Water Town, you would cross this bridge.

This allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views. Adding to the whole experience is the more than 300-step climb up the "slope" of the arched rib which makes for an unforgettable experience itself.

But no great physical effort is required as sightseers take a high-speed transparent elevator up to the main deck of the bridge before walking up the steps along the arch rib for about 280 meters.

At the top there's a viewing platform which is about the size of a basketball court, and it offers splendid views of the scenery around the Huangpu River. No China tour packages to Shanghai is fantastic enough without visit this impressive bridge.

Address: No. 909 Luban Road;

Entry: 80 yuan;

Opening hours: 10 AM to 4 PM;

Traffic: Various city bus lines lead to the bridge. Get off the bus at Luban Road stop or Lupu Bridge stop.

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