Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Top Visit-worthy Beijng Attractions in Autumn

Beijing has more than 20,000 hectares of foliage in its surrounding mountains, spanning 230 kilometers. Maple, smoke trees, persimmon, hawthorn, gingko, torch trees, birch, aspen, hickories, linden, chestnut, walnut, sawtooth oak, jujube and more to beautify Beijing.

Leaves change color based on a variety of factors including light level, temperature, soil conditions and more. Get an eyeful of nature's painted canvas! Plan a fall foliage getaway with tour-Beijing travel service - some pre-arranged tours as well as the customized tours per your specific request. To promote the deals in autumn, many a China travel agency have extend their itinerary to these less-explored but suitable for traveling in autumn.

Mangshan National Forest Park

Mangshan National Forest Park is to the east of the Ming Tomb’s Reservoir, 35 kilometers from the center of Beijing City. There is nearly 86 square kilometers forest within the park. The forest coverage is up to 86.5%, which is the largest in Beijing. Every autumn, there is a Red Leave Festival lasting from October to late November. If your China tour deals fall into autumn, then a visit to Beijing to these sites has something for you.

Shangfangshan National Forest Park

The Shangfangshan National Forest Park, with an area of 340 hectares (840 acres), is situated in Hancunhe Village, Fangshan District, and about 70 kilometers (44 miles) from Beijing. With its main peak 860 meters (2,820 feet) high, the park is characterized by vast area of woods, nine marvelous karst caves, twelve stupendous peaks, seventy-two ancient temples, and the largest stupa group in North China.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in the view without introduce more naturally “looks graceful” Fall to the botanical gardens, in addition you can see red leaves, but also many of the South do not have close contact with fruit such as plum, crabapple, etc., but this time it is when they mature. The first Botanic Gardens in heavy spots are Cherry Vale, valley streams running, the cool and pleasant, Journal of Dalian tactfully. Construction of a wooden plank Botanic Gardens, winding deep valleys, and large in both sides of the plant are a national treasure – Metasequoia glyptostroboides.

May you just have enjoyed the beauty of China along Yangtze River cruises, but to discover the history of China, a travel to Beijing, the capital of China, is what you can not miss.

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