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Other Visit-worthy Attractions in Beijing

Beigong National Forest Park

Beigong National Forest Park was constructed in October, 2002, located in the Fengtai District, west suburb of Beijing City. It covers an area of 9.145 square kilometers. And it is the biggest park whih is closest to the city center. There is the largest colorful foliage forest which covers an area of more than 4000 mu, including the red maple trees, yellow ginkgos and metasequoias, purple Prunus cerasiferas and green oriental arborvitaes. It is beautiful and will never let you down. With unbeatable charm, Beijing do make a great contribution to China tourism.

Diaoyutai Ginkgo Road: visit the artist’s paradise

Diaoyutai you are familiar with, there is a wall in the Guesthouse tall ginkgo tree planting over the path, the arrival of autumn, the leaves become a golden garden trees. Winds, leaves the fireflies as a small fan, scratched into the whereabouts. At this point with the perspective of the vision looked long path, as if into the autumn paradise. Beijing beauties are often at this time is in here taking pictures, Beijing’s university students have also circulated this is paradise dating argument. Autumn, there are many photography enthusiasts, art lovers in here looking for inspiration, creation. If your China travel packages cover Beijing, you should never miss visiting these must-haves.

Baiwangshan Forest Park

Each autumn the mountain of Baiwangshan Forest Park is beautifully decorated with splendid red foliage. The common smoke tree is the main species, while the intoxicating red leaves on the torch trees resemble countless burning torches on the mountain. Here, the autumnal shades are special for several reasons. The park has a great variety of trees, including a large quantity of mature maples. Besides, the geographical location of the park offers a superb habitat for these trees. Each year in October, Baiwangshan holds Red-Leave Festival during which period nearly up to a thousand red leaves seem to compete with each other, bright and intoxicating. Two best locations to appreciate red leaves in Baiwangshan: one is a Youyi Booth; the other is Lanfeng Booth stands on the top of the mountain. No Beijing tour is complete without visiting these attractions.

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