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Amazing Heshun Ancient Town in Southwest China

Photo taken on March 1, 2011 shows the night view in a house in Heshun Township of Tengchong County, southwest China's Yunnan Province. Located in west Yunnan Province, the Heshun Township is a small ancient town with pleasant climate and tranquil surroundings. Small as it is, the town is a charming place in many ways. Eighty percent of its population is returned overseas Chinese or families of overseas Chinese. It used to be an important stop on the ancient "South Silk Road" where the Chinese culture converged with that of the Southeast Asia and the West. It owns the nationwide largest country library. Besides, it also displays a harmonious picture of nature and people with blooming cole fields, evergreen hills and old-fashioned dwelling houses. Nowadays, Heshun has become a hot tourist destination for worldwide travelers. If your China tour packages covers Yunnan, a visit to Heshun Town would never disappoint you.

The meandering stone paths are all being torn up, pipes being laid beneath. Even with the construction, the town is very quiet and slow-paced. The mornings come early and old women sell pickled vegetables and rice noodles outside the village's library. The evenings also come early and children skip home downhill in the darkened alleys. Beside the lake, families have made small fires and sit around on heavy, ski-lodge wooden benches warming their hands. To enrich your travel to Shangri-la, a visit to Heshun town is a good idea.

Heshun is a beautiful old village, but with a twist: half the town's inhabitants haven't returned yet. For the 6,300 residents currently living in the village, nearly 6,000 others are still overseas working, waiting to retire and return to Heshun. It appears the town is destined to become a retirement home for overseas Chinese. Despite its remote location near China's border with Myanmar, the town has always had connections to the outside world. Back in the Ming Dynasty, Heshun's first generations of overseas traders traveled frequently to Myanmar and dealt in jade. These days, there's said to be a Heshun-er on every continent. These years, many China tour agents have included this peaceful town into their itinerary as a highlight for their deals. This seems makes sense now.

Over the years, this legacy of international trade has put its stamp on the town. Exotic goods from Southeast Asia and beyond have trickled into town via old caravan routes. The Li family mansion, home of one of the village's most wealthy trading families, boasts Japanese pottery, French stained glass and a 19th century Italian clock.

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