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Palatable Crab-happy for Heavenly Hairy Crabs

Dining on prime Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs in Shanghai can be an expensive business.But fear not,there are homely options to try the delicacy in farmer-run"crab house"on its home turf.Let's go on the trail of the tasty crustacean.

Taking a real bite of famous Yangcheng Lake hairy crab is an increasingly expensive culinary experience in Shanghai. So city gourmets are finding new ways to keep their dining budget reasonable, while still ensuring the same flavor authenticity - and having some fun going on a trip to the home of the crab at the same time. If your Yangtze River cruises finishes in Shanghai, you could enjoy this famous Yangcheng Lake crab, which would never disappoint you.

"Most hairy crabs produced in Yangcheng Lake are supplied to five-star hotels in Shanghai due to limited production," says Zhang Longgen, a crab farmer in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, whose crab farm is located in the middle of Yangcheng Lake.

Generally, a pair of hairy crabs - one male and one female - served in Shanghai hotels and fine dining restaurants cost around 300 yuan (US$48) or more.

So many Shanghai locals choose to make a trip to Yangcheng Lake and taste the delicacy in a crab house, a type of eatery run by crab farmers, offering a simple yet authentic dining experience. In Hong Kong tours, you could served the palatable crab in many easily available classic restaurants.

Crab houses, concentrated on the lakeside, usually consist of a three-story building built over the water. It includes holding areas where live hairy crabs are transported by farmers from their cages in the center of the lake. Land side, the house may also feature a small garden, planted with vegetables.

Inside the restaurant, there are public and private dining rooms, generally accommodating up to 250 customers. Some have mahjong rooms for entertainment.

On the menu are farmers' dishes, a culinary style popular in the countryside, defined by fresh natural ingredients that are simply cooked. It is no wonder that so many private China tour arranged the farmer’s dishes for foreign visitors to taste the authentic Chinese food. It seems make sense now.

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