Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Baisha Village, a Peaceful Village Less-explored in Lijiang China

Baisha Village is so much different than its counterparts and provides a more tranquil experience than Shuhe and Lijiang old towns. Although we did not walk through the whole place but we managed to find a few restaurants serving local food. There is also a very nice small Cafe serving real coffee with a very cozy atmosphere (forgot about the name). Opposite this Cafe, there is a very small wine bar opened by a Frenchman who apparently lives in Shanghai. We saw at the back of this wine bar, there are very nice rooms in the open courtyard but we did not ask if they are open for rent. Pity we did not have time to try this place as it was lunch time when we visited, but the owner and the other lady were very welcoming and explained to us about their place. We also took some pictures with 4 very elderly women who were sitting by the streets with fruits and vegetables who apparently were acting as "models" for photo-taking. I reckon this place will develop more in the future so go there before it becomes too commercialized. Very interesting village to visit! Travelling in this peaceful village is totally different from explore the boundless desert along your Silk Road tour.

In this peaceful town, there is a yard called 'Shali Book House', which is named after a Naxi author. At the gate, we are warmly greeted by the owner, who invites us in to walk around at ease. Golden corns and dried wild delicacies, as well as knick-knacks shining with distinguished Naxi flavor decorate the yard. In the spacious room, we saw a lot of books for sale. The author is Shali, the big brother of the owner. All his works are about his hometown's charming scenery and Naxi ethnic culture. However, Shali passed away the year before. People here are so kind and naive, which are different from the modern people walking along on the bustling street along your Shanghai tour package.

He Shixiu, highly skilled self-taught doctor who has spent all his life researching herbs and curing people. Photo courtesy of It is said that Lijiang has three weird people: Xuanke, who initiated the Naxi ancient music association; He Zhigang, talented calligrapher with no arms; and He Shixiu, highly skilled self-taught doctor who has spent all his life researching herbs and curing people. Just next to Shali Book House is Doctor He's house. The 88-year-old expert invited us to drink one of his cure-all herb teas and told us numerous stories about how he cured countless patients at home and abroad.

Bidding farewell to Doctor He, I strolled around and enjoy the perfect sunshine at noon in the town of Baisha. Although there are not many famous scenic spots, I was still impressed by the easy life local residents are living, and their attitude as well. The world here is as pure as the melted snow water, as clear as the sky.

A few minutes from the vibrant city-life offered along your Hong Kong tour package and get close to the naïve Chinese ethnic people to refresh yourself. I am sure this would be a great experience along your China travel.

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