Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

Shanghai Happy Valley, the Paradise for the Young

Shanghai Happy Valley is largest theme park in China, which is mainly composed of 7 theme area including Sunshine, Happy Hour, Shanghai Bund, Shangri-La, Ants Kingdom, Goldmine Town and Typhoon Bay. Just as its slogan says “Let us open the happy gate and step into the happy hall in the name of “happiness”, more than 100 amusement items are equipped in Shanghai Happy Valley including 12 world class amusement facilities. No China tour deals to Shanghai is complete without visiting the Shanghai Happy Valley, which is really a paradise of the young.

Shanghai Happy Valley has equipped various advanced entertainment apparatus including Wooden Coaster-Fireball, Diving Coaster, Gyro Swing, Mega-lite, Disco Coaster, Ants Kingdom, Splash Battle, OCT Theater, Shoot the Chute, Splash Over, Mine Train Coaster, Souring Dragon and Three Dimensions, Arthur Palace, Space Shot & Turbo Drop and so on. The River All Red is a large scale real show mixing with acrobatics, magic, circus and magnificent war of horse. The entertainment performance will be put on include the Happy Cube, Real Drama of Film Stunt “Shanghai Bund”, Theme Parade “Happy Cruise”, and Exotic Performances. In your Shanghai tour package, the crazy shy wheels in Shanghai Happy Valley may impress you most, which would reward you an unforgettable experience.

The various theme activities hold in Shanghai Happy are highly recommended, such as Fashion Culture Festival, Beer Carnival, Happy Halloween Day and Snow Festival, whenever these activities start a large number of visitors including local citizens are attracted to visit there. Enjoy a convenient transportation and superb location, visitors could take Metro Line 9 to Sheshan Station, then take a shuttle bus (Happy Line) it will transfer you directly to Shanghai Happy Valley. Shanghai Happy Valley is just a little resemble with the Happy Valley discovered along your Beijing tour package, but they has their own features. No matter when you come, both of them have something for you.

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