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Travel to Zhangjiajie Changsha

Dining: Generally speaking, food in Zhangjiajie, best of China tours, is characterized by Xiang cuisine, one of China's famed eight cuisines. Most of the dishes are very hot and spicy, sometimes using liquor as an ingredient. The most famous part of this cooking style is the Tujia dishes because of their rich national characteristics, particular materials and unique flavors.

Shopping: As a mountainous city, Zhangjiajie boasts many of local products grown on the mountain, such as kiwi fruit, Qingyan green tea, lobster flower-scented green tea, pine mushrooms and wild arrowroot starch.

Nightlife: Zhangjiajie nightlife is different from the nightlife of big cities. It is colorful too in different local flavor. At night, the streets of Zhangjiajie are full of vendors selling barbecue and local snacks. Zhangjiajie Tour Package for more details. Zhangjiajie has bars, foot massages, karaoke, bars, dance halls and so on. Then you must have no idea of many folk customs are so attractive.

Transportation: As a newly-rising tourist city, the transportation of Zhangjiajie has been developing dramatically to form crisscrossing road net work with highways, railway and airlines.

Hotel: As a new-rising tourist city, the hotels in Zhangjiajie developed. travel to China to explore. The most recommended are Tianzi Grand Hotel, Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie International Hotel, Hunan Pipaxi Hotel, Zhangjiajie.

Travel in China, do not miss the Yangtze River cruises.

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