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A Brief Intruduction of Luoyang China

Luoyang China,best of China tours,lies in the northwestern part in Henan province. It is the important base of machinery industry and the famous historical city in China. It is 15 thousand square kilometers in area. The population is 577 thousand.

The topography in Luoyang mainly is hilly lands and areas. Luo River flows from the Southwest to the Northeast. It is monsoon climate in warm-temperate zone. The average temperature is 14.6 degree Celsius, and the average precipitation is 600mm. The black frost period can last 217 days. The reserves abound in molybdenum, aluminium, tungsten, sulphuric iron ore, refractory clay and cement rock. In industry, there is machine, metallurgical industry, building materials, textile and petroleum process. The output of tractors, bearing, mineral machines, road roller, silicon and glass is in the important place in China. In agriculture, there is wheat, cotton, corn, oil and tobacco, etc. The railway and highway are both convenient. And a lot of cities and Luoyang are open to navigation, such as Guangzhou, Hongkong and Xiamen.

Luoyang City is one of the seven ancient cities in China. East Zhou dynasty, East Han dynasty, Cao dynasty, Wei dynasty and other nine dynasties took here as the capital city. To travel to China you may want to learn something about Chinese Visa.Longmen cave is the important place of interest for Luoyang Travel. White-horse Temple was built in East Han dynasty. It is the earliest temple in China. Moreover, there is Hanjiacang, Baijuyi Tomb and Erlitou cultural ruins in Yanshi.

The peonies in Luoyang are well known. Every year, on Apr.20th, there is the splendid peony ceremony. The traditional specialties are resemble Tangsancai, Palace lantern, ham and cherry.

Travel in China do not miss the Yangtze River cruises.

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