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Learn Something about Historic Zhengzhou Henan Province

Physical Features: Located at the transitional area between the second to the third terrace of China terrain, Zhengzhou ,best of China tours.has a complicated landform made up of mountains, hills, loess hills, inclined plains and alluvial plains.

History: As early as 4,200 years ago, Zhengzhou was an important city of the Xia (21st - 17th Century BC) and Shang (17st - 11th Century BC) dynasties. In the later dynasties, Xingyang Shire, Beiyun State, Xing State, Guan State, Xifu Shire, Guancheng County and Zheng County were set up here one after another. In the early 19th century, the economy experienced rapid development along with the Pinghan and Longhai Railways gathering here. In 1954, it was upgraded as the capital city of Henan Province.

Attractions: Zhengzhou, cradle of ancient Chinese civilization, is distributed with numerous historical and cultural sites such as Peiligang Site, Dahe Village Site and Yin Xu (Yin Ruins). Shaolin Temple, known as 'the No. Make a 72-Hour Visa Free Stay in Beijing and
to explore the heart of China. 1 Temple in the World', is just located at the food of the Songshan Moutain. There are also the earliest astronomical architecture of China Zhougong Sundial Platform and Duke Zhou's Shadows Measuring Platform, the largest Daoist architecture Zhongyue Temple and Songyang Academy. The annual Ceremony of Offering sacrifices to the Ancestors at Xinzheng where was the hometown of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan is fine spectacle. Additionally, the Yellow River flows through Zhengzhou in the north, forming the magnificent Yellow River Scenic Area.

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