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Wuhan Travel Guide, Brief Information on Wuhan

Wuhan, best China tour,the capital of Hubei Province, is the political, economic and cultural center of the whole province. It is the biggest city as well as the principal domestic and foreign trading port in Central China. Besides this, Wuxi is also the biggest transportation hub in China as well as being one of the most important bases of industry, education and scientific research. All of these factors illustrate that ?Wuhan is a very important city in Central China. The total area of the city is 8,494 km2and the population numbers around 8.97 million. Wuhan is located at Jianghan Plain where the Yangtze and Han Rivers meet, dividing Wuhan into Wuchang, lying south of the Yangtze River and Hankou and Hanyang, lying to the river's north. In Wuhan, there are numerous rivers and lakes, affording the city its natural moniker-River City.

Wuhan is a typical garden city, having around 100 mountains and hills and as many as 200 lakes. The water area accounts for 1/4 of the city’s total land area, among which the water area of East Lake is 33 km2. As a result, East Lake is the biggest lake in any urban area of China.

Wuhan is a famous historical and cultural city, and a major player in the uprisings of the Chinese Democratic Revolution. Travel to China you may want to learn something about Chinese Visa.Wuhan is also the cradle of Jing-Chu Culture.

Wuhan has many attractions, such as Yellow Crane Tower, East Lake, Guiyuan Temple, Mo Hill, Baotong Temple, Turtle Hill, Mulan Tiandi and Mulan Mountain, many of which have a long history.

Wuhan is a true transportation hub, passable by rail, water, road and air. It is one of the biggest free ports along the Yangtze River. Each day, as many as 30 trains arrive and depart. Traffic in the city is seldom troublesome, due to the excellent bridge network connecting Hankou, Hanyang and Wuchan. Also, tour buses ferry travellers to all of the major attractions, helping to keep bottlenecks at a premium.

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