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The Primi(Pumi) Nationality in China

According to the fifth national census in 2000, the Primi population is 33,600. Their language, Primi, is a member of the Tibetan-Burman group of the Sino-Tibetan phylum. In the past, Primi was written using Tibetan characters, however, today, most write in Chinese.


Though a few of the Primi do follow Lamaism and Taoism, most believe that many gods and their ancestors influence their lives, They are led by wizards in their ceremonies for peace, happiness and harvest.If your last minute China travel deals cover this site, you should never miss discovering it heartily.

Food and food Culture:

The Primi ethnic group depends on agriculture and livestock, together with small industry and handiworks. The staple food of the Primi is corn, supplemented with rice, flour, oats and so on. Beef, pork and other meats are eaten, though not dog meat, and various teas, tobacco and wine are enjoyed. The tea is often held in ox horns or drunk with a bamboo straw.

The Primi people are warm-hearted. Guests are toasted with one cup of wine after another. When the guests depart, they are given four gifts: a drumstick, a piece of pork, a bag of tea, and a bottle of wine.


The Primi people's houses are constructed of timber. Central to the room, and the family's activities, is a burner. Usually the head of an ox or sheep is used as decoration as well as being a symbol of wealth. These architectures would be a great highlight of your China Tibet tours.


The Primi

Festivals include the Spring Festival, New-Grain Tasting Festival, Pure Brightness Festival, and the Dragon Boat Festival. For the Spring Festival, families worship ancestors, have sumptuous meals, and hold competitions of horse-racing and shooting. The New-Grain Festival celebrates the harvest. Oxen will be allowed to taste the rice first as a token of gratitude for their diligence and faithfulness. Oxen are considered to have delivered the harvest. After eating, people begin to enjoy the newly harvested rice, brew wine, worship ancestors and invite others to dinner. As they are good at singing and dancing, the atmosphere is quite merry.


There are some interesting customs in Primi life. When the children reach the age of 13, they attend a ceremony that indicates they will be regarded as adults in future. From then on, they can join many social activities. The girl's mother will give her a little milk cow in advance as her dowry. The girl will feed on it carefully and when she gets married, she will take the cow with her to her husband's home. Distinctive Culture would be a great experience along your Tibet tours.

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