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Tongli, which connected to Wujiang in Jiangsu Region, is situated along the lender of Tai Lake and to the southern of historical canal with eight Visa Free Tours in Beijing and

lakes enclosed. It is 80 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport terminal in the southern and 18 kilometers away from Suzhou in north of manchester. Meanwhile, it is close to 318 nationwide road in the southern and Suzhou—Jiaxing expressway in the western as well. The management region of Tongli Town, after mergence of Tongli and Tuncun in Oct, 2001, includes a complete region of 102.91 rectangle kilometers and features a people in this country of 58,000 with 12 management towns, 1 marine item platform and 6 group residents’ committees associated.Some of the interesting areas of Tongli are detailed as below:

Jianyin Hall

Jiayin Place, recognized in 1912, is in the top side part of Youjia Road in Zhuxing Street. It has four entryways and all the gates, ms windows and supports are well developed in conventional design of Chinese best tours of china suppliers. The primary framework of Jiayin Place is developed under the replica of the structural design of Ming dynasty. Thus, it is known as “Gauze Cap Hall”, as the top side ray of the developing looks like the cap side in Ming dynasty. The great and huge judge is serious and grand. The symmetrical two finishes of five supports are developed with Eight Horse, and the two finishes of supports are developed with Arizona and Peony.

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Luoxing Islet

Luoxing Islet is a holy position with the combination of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism as an islet sailing on pond in the southern of Tongli Town. Tourists only have to invest several moments getting there by vessel. The ancient records expose that Luoxing Islet was initially developed in Yangtze River cruises Yuan dynasty and was renewed in the rule interval of Emperor Guangxu of Qing dynasty.


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