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My Children's Palace Shanghai Tours

Shanghai’s Children’s Palace was first built in 1953 by Song Qingling (the wife of Sun Yatsen) China tours and it offers talented children after-school-education in the form of a wide selection of extracurricular activities, like music, dance, art, model making, science, technology, and computer science. Every year, there are many art performances and science and technology contests which interest kids from far and wide. Visitors are also encouraged to attend special performances.

In fact, the Children’s Palace is a kind of extracurricular school, but kids do not learn the same knowledge and skills as they do in schools. All children, ranging from 5 to 14 years of age, Yangtze River cruises can come here when they have passed a simple examination and pay a small sum of money. Here they can take part in one or two programs in accordance with their interests, like painting, piano, dancing, calligraphy and computer skills. The Children’s Palace has assisted the country in training many gifted children into sporting world champions and musicians.

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Many children aged from 5 to 16 in the city taking part in different kinds of groups and activities once or twice a week have enlarged their knowledge and enhanced their science, artistic and moral accomplishment leading them to the road of success. The China business travel Children′s Palace has sent a large number of talented and skilled young persons to colleges and universities.The Children′s Palace has become a paradise for children and also a base for cultivating versatile persons. In China, the Children′s Palace means national standard, it becomes a national and international symbol.

The palace hosts many art performances and science and technology contests which attracts thousands of youngsters. This Children's Palace is housed in a grand building that was once known as the "Marble House". Built between 1918-1931, it has marble lined hallways, wide curving staircases and a large front hall complete with ornate fireplaces, China Golf Packages grand chandeliers and French windows.

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