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Save Shanghai Tours to Children's Palace

The former residence (1924) of the Jewish Kadoorie family, the Children's Palace was embellished in great splendour. The famous China tours stucco-adorned ballroom (commonly known as the Marble Hall), takes its name from the two huge chimneys built with marble from Italy; the first floor was used for bedrooms. Abandoned for several years after the family fled to Hong Kong, the palace was chosen by Song Qingling in 1953 to serve as a venue for sports and creative activities for needy children in the city.

It was built mainly of marble and was called the Marble Hall. Its delicate inner decorations are imitations of the European royal style of the 18th century. Now it is a "happy world" for Yangtze River cruises children to carry out extracurricular activities. Children participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities including music, dance, art, model making, science, technology, and computer science.The palace hosts many art performances and science and technology contests which attracts thousands of youngsters. It is worth to drop in if you come to Shanghai.

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Many children aged from 5 to 16 in the city taking part in different kinds of groups and activities once or twice a week have enlarged their knowledge and enhanced their science, artistic and moral accomplishment leading them to the road of success. The Children′s Palace has sent a large number of talented and skilled young persons to colleges and universities.The Children′s Palace has become a paradise for Shanghai tour package children and also a base for cultivating versatile persons. In China, the Children′s Palace means national standard, it becomes a national and international symbol.

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