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Great Children's Palace Shanghai Tours

The China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace (CP) is a beautiful marble and glass structure built in the 1950s. On July 13th , we China tours celebrated ABT’s 12th birthday at lunchtime, in a restaurant located across the street from the CP. Then we proceeded to the large orchestra classroom on the CP 10th floor, for our "musical exchange" with the CP orchestra. About 30 CP parents sat at the back of the classroom, watching their children practice. It reminded me—as a long-time Suzuki parent—of our own Saturday group classes in Ottawa. Our Shanghai guide, Julia, translated as the CP teacher, Mr. Lin, introduced the CP orchestra, which ranges in age from 8 to 16 years, and comprises a senior group and an intermediate group, very similar to SB.

LGT "I thought the orchestra played very well for their “practice” and playing the Hungarian Dance with them was a lot of fun. It was interesting talking to the other kids about practicing and daily lifestyle. "SS-S "I thought that the orchestra played very well. Even though I found it somewhat hard to communicate with the Chinese children, it Yangtze River cruises was an enriching experience. "LG "I enjoyed talking to the kids because I got some insight into how their music program works. "BW "A very interesting experience was had in exchanging words and music with the young Chinese musicians. Given how hard it was to communicate in English or Chinese, this exercise further stressed the universal nature of the language that is music."

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AD "It was a little awkward at first but once we’d played our pieces it was fine. I talked to tow China Golf Packages giggly kids, one embarrassed, one talkative and one who didn’t speak much English. Over all it was a wonderful experience. "

AT "It felt a bit weird at first but it got better. It was fun playing the Butterfly Concerto for them because I could tell they enjoyed it. "

DS-P "It was a fun experience to play for them and having them play for us. I also enjoyed getting to know them; one of them asked me for my email. "

CS-D "Being able to interact both musically and socially with Chinese musicians our age was very enriching! It was really interesting to see the IPG perform Hungarian Dance with the orchestra and I could tell that the children enjoyed the experience very much. CD. But most importantly it was the musical exchange that brought a smile to all our faces. "SS "I wasn't too sure how to Guizhou Minority Tours approach the students but I decided to go towards the cellists. I found it surprising how some spoke very good English and others barely any."

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