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Wuzhen, an traditional mineral normal water city in the southeast of the Yangtze Flow, with a history of 1300 educational tours in China decades, is one of the top ten well-known amazing places in China providers suppliers. It is situated in Tongxiang City,Zhejiang Position and at the center of the amazing triangular in shape identified by Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Wuzhen is divided into six places. These are: the traditional sessions area, the traditional local-styled living homes area, the traditional way of life area, the traditional foods and consume area, the Yangtze River cruises traditional stores and stores area, and the mineral normal water township traditions and way of way of life area. Following an east-west-east schedule developed by these six places, guests can notice reenactment of fliers and company cards and cultures.

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Since its organization in 872 A.D., Wuzhen has never customized its name, address, mineral normal water system or way of way of life. The traditional components are still in good shape after crossing so many rough decades. Within the city, there are now more than 40 hectares of delayed 19th millennium exclusive components, and more than 100 traditional stone China tours joins of different shapes. It is just like a organic art gallery of traditional framework. In the city, watercourses and organic natural flagstone roads extend in all directions and intercross here and there. The local people remain peacefully in their old homes by mineral normal water, just like their forefathers did before a lengthy time.


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