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Zhejiang Wuzhen Tour Guide Tips

On both sides of slabstone-paved street stand pubs, restaurants, pawnshops, weaving and dyeing establishments, and Shanghai tour other businesses, all housed in wooden structures of brown. Rivers and creeks spanned with stone bridges in various designs flow through the town, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes by. Old waterside houses and outside corridors can be found here and there. This is the ancient town of Wuzhen.

Strolling with an umbrella along an old lane past the centuries-old wooden houses and seeing the rain flow off the engraved eaves that cover the doorways is an amazing experience. The falling raindrops educational tours in China bring ripples on the river surfaces, while boats travel to and fro. The waterside pavilions and corridors and the arched bridges, all shrouded in drizzle, make up a charming scene.

Travel to Shanghai

Wuzhen Town, in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, has a history of more than 1,000 years. Of the ancient residential houses, workshops, and stores still standing on the banks of the rivers, 169,600 square meters, accounting for 81.54 percent of the town's total floor area, have remained unchanged, lending an atmosphere of antiquity.Due to its warm and humid climate, and Yangtze River cruises abundant rainfalls and sunshine, the products here are rich, making Wuzhen well-known as "the town of fish, rice, and silk."

History and culture

Wuzhen become a living fossil of ancient oriental civilization for its profound history and culture, graceful water town scenery, unique-flavored delicious foods, various and colorful folk-customers and festivals. It is a kind of beauty that naturally endowed .While displaying the extraordinary charming of Chinese ancient culture and souls of the old oriental life. Wuzhen has become a disseminator of traditional culture and emissary of the communication between china and foreign countries. With a good integrations China tours of history ,culture ,nature, and surroundings, advanced and complete service facilities, warmhearted people and service team, Wuzhen deserves to be your best destination in China, no matter for sightseeing, leisure, holidays, or business activities.

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