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Top Travel Guide of Tongli

Aaahh, Tongli, a perfect water town. Tongli is a small water town about half an hour from Suzhou with Yangtze River cruises a historyof over 1,000 years. Forty percent of the houses date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties (that 1368-1644 for thoseof you who aren't up to date with your Chinese history) It was built around 5 lakes, divided into 7 islands by 15 rivers and connected back together by 49 bridges. Canals everywhere.

Jiayin Hall, established in 1912, is located in the front part of Youjia Lane in Zhuxing Street. It has four entrances and all the doors, windows and beams are well carved in traditional motif of Chinese China tours people. The main architecture of Jiayin Hall is designed under the imitation of the architectural style of Ming dynasty. Thus, it is commonly referred to as “Gauze Cap Hall”, as the front beam of the building looks like the cap wing in Ming dynasty. The high and spacious court is solemn and grand. The symmetric two sides of five beams are carved with Eight Horses, and the two ends of beams are carved with Phoenix and Peony.

Travel to Shanghai

Located on the northern side of Changqing Bridge in Fu Guan Street, Chongben Hall is built by water facing the south. The group of architectures develops in depth revolving around the axle Shanghai travel guidev wire, with five entrances including entrance hall, hall, front building, back building and kitchen. In spite of its small amount of architectures, Chongben Hall is laid out compactly and exquisitely. Various sculptures and carvings have formed the most attractive elements here.

We strolled the streets of this small town. Had dinner near the main waterway. Looked around at the knick-knack shops. Just a slow moving place. It was a nice change up, though we were sure things sped up drastically on the weekends (as they Shanghai tour always do anywhere worth traveling).

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