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Tongli Water Town China Tour

Tongli, which belongs to Wujiang in Jiangsu Province, is located along the bank of Tai Lake and Shanghai tour package to the east of ancient canal with eight lakes surrounded. It is 80 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport in the east and 18 kilometers away from Suzhou in the north. Meanwhile, it is adjacent to 318 national highway in the south and Suzhou—Jiaxing expressway in the west as well.

The administrative district of Tongli Town, after mergence of Tongli and Tuncun in October, 2001, covers a total area of 102.91 square kilometers and boasts a total population of 58,000 with 12 China tour administrative villages, 1 aquatic product base and 6 community residents’ committees affiliated.Some of the interesting spots of Tongli are listed as below:

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Tuisi Garden, which was built 1885 AD to 1887 AD, is a significant art work of Jiangnan classical garden. The huge compound of garden, simple and unsophisticated, quiet and elegant, is an area with typical architectural style of Jiangnan Garden in late Qing dynasty. Tuisi Garden boasts unique layout with a complete collection of pavilion, terrace, tower, China tours porch, bridge, hall and house centered by pond as if these architectures are floating on it. The compact and natural layout, plants and sceneries of four seasons contribute to a clear, secluded and bright Tuisi Garden. The profound cultural connotation of Tuisi Garden, together with the long history of Tongli, makes tourists fall into reverie and enlightenment. Therefore in 2001, Tuisi Garden was listed as world’s Cultural Heritage.

Bridges are an important part of the city. The most famous bridges among the 49 bridges in Tongli are the three bridges named Taiping (peace), Jili (luck) and Changqing (celebration) bridges. The three bridges have now become the symbol of the city. Whenever there is an important occasion, such as a wedding, people will walk through the three Yangtze River cruises bridges to wish peace, fortune, happiness and health in their lives.

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