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Best Private Shanghi Tours of Shikumen

Shikumen houses are a relic of Shanghai's fascinating history, but over the years had sadly deteriorated Shanghai tour because of the lack of maintenance. In order to restore the original appearance of the Shikumen "long tangs"(alleys), Shui On reconstructed selected buildings based on old design drawings. The original bricks and tiles were preserved before construction commenced.

A lot of time and effort were spent on the design and construction stages to preserve the old architecture. Yet the beautifully restored old buildings also boast the latest modern facilities, educational tours in China such as modern M&E systems, escalators and concealed fibre-optics.

Travel to Shanghai

Nowadays Xintiandi is a hotspot of tourism with Shanghai features. All the buildings here retain an appearance of the traditional brick wall, tiled roof and Shikumen stone gate, while the insides are well dedicated to the 21-century metropolitan life style and tastes, adapting international China tours galleries, boutiques, theme restaurants and coffee houses. The combination of the traditional and modern makes Xintiandi an embodiment of Shanghai's "now and then". What's more, its nightlife is something that one must experience and enjoy.

Celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs come here as a continuous stream; and many fashionable cultural activities like fashion shows, movie press conferences of superstars all choose Xintiandi as their Yangtze River cruises desirable stage, which makes it a particular paradise for all the fashion seekers.

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