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Huaihai Road was formerly named Avenue Joffre. The 6 kilometer long street is a bustling but elegant street China business travel and can be compared to Ave. des Champs Elysees in Paris, the Fifth Avenue in New York, the Ginza in Tokyo, Wujie Road inSingapore. There are over 400 modern shops on the most prosperous section of Huaihai Road (from Shaanxi Road toXizang Road which is a 2.2 kilometers long). Huaihai Road, with shops mainly selling top brand-name commodities, are well known for its elegance. The street is dotted with a number of large shops like the Huating Esetan, the Paris Spring and the Shanghai No.2 Yongxin Department Store. Huaihai Road is popularly known as "The Street of Fashion in Shanghai

Nanjing Road, with its magnificent building, shops standing in rows upon rows, bustling street scene and brilliant night view, is worth of its reputation as “China’s No 1 Shopping Street”. On Oct. 1, 1999, Nanjing Shanghai travel Road (from Henan Road to Xizang Road) became a 24_hour pedestrian walkway. On the northern side of Nanjing Road there is a continuous “golden belt”, collecting artistic sketches, flower-beds and bus-waiting stands, forming a number of movie-like picturesque scenes under the sun light. Shanghai No 1 Department Store, Hualian Commercial Building, and New World Department Store are some of the big department stores in Shanghai.

Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market

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Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market is located in Shanghai's old town surrounded by ancient buildings with traditional Chinese architecture. The complex consists of sightseeing and shopping areas. It is known as a "paradise for tourists" to get handicrafts, small commodities and to try the Shanghai local snacks. The shopping area has expanded from its former 18,000 square meters to 80,000 square meters. The Yangtze River cruises shops here used to be known in the past as "a kingdom of small commodities”. Now the market also sells large and medium commodities and it is specially known inShanghai for the complete collection of tourist souvenirs with local feature. The newly erected buildings are featured of "antique exterior but modern interior” harmonizing with the original scenic sights and offsetting each other.

Shanghai Qipu Road Clothing Market

Qipu Road market offers a massive number of men’s wear, women’s wear and children’s wear. From jackets and scarves to bags, shoes and wigs, you will find them all here. Although it’s more focused on China tours wholesale, you’ll still have the chance to grab the latest fashion at extremely low prices, providing you’re good at bargaining.

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