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Shopping News on Travel to Shanghai

Lastly, Xujia Hui(used to be a border assembly area years ago) has now been built into a new Shanghai tour package commerce and shopping assembly area. There have gone up Oriental Shopping Centre, Pacific Department Store plus its square, Daqian Centre of Delicious Foods, Jianguo Hotel, Huating Sheralton Hotel and the like. If you go there, to be sure, you will feel the out-of-the-common breath of spirit of this metropolis in the Orient--its name is SHANGHAI!


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Shanghai is one of China's most important regions for silk production and export. Of course, then, the city is a great place to pick up some deals while in China. The variety of silk fabrics available China tour is astounding. Silk of various grades, satin, damask silk, silk gauze, brocade, crape, velvet, spun silk, and sheer silk are all available. Printed and embroidered silk are also very popular and plentiful. As Chinese silk is famous throughout the world for its elegance and beauty, silk itself is an excellent reason to come to Shanghai. But always bargain when silk shopping. Shopkeepers will never give a 'Chinese' price if you have a 'foreign' face.

Third Shanghai Shopping Tips is for your eyes, right by the Shanghai Railway Station at the Shanghai Optical Glasses Market - use the south exit of Shanghai Metro Line 1 you'll find the glasses market shopping mall China tours right across the intersection . Here our Shanghai Shopping Tips is to stock up with new bifocal lenses, prescription lens and sunglasses, and frames for a fraction of what you will pay back home.

70 percent discountShanghai Shopping Tips for the Home and Office…

Shanghai Shopping Tips Four is the huge Furniture, Home and Office Markets, along Tong Chuan Lu (Shanghai map [E-6]) and if you continue west there is the Upholstery & Bedding Market at 1618 Cao An Lu, that sells everything for upholstery and bedding Yangtze River cruises fabric that can be custom-made into silk duvet blankets and sheets for the bedroom and house..

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