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Shanghai Xintiandi is located in the center of Shanghai. It is a urban tourist attraction showing Shanghai's historical Shanghai tour cultural view. It is a reconstructive leisure pedestrian street collecting Shanghai's dining, business, entertainment and culture which based on Shanghai's unique Shikumen (means stone house) building old area. Regarding the combination of Chinese and western cultures, old and new combination as fundamental key, Shanghai Xintiandi blends the traditional Shanghai Shikumen's lanes and alleys with modern new building.

Today's Xintiandi has become a new landmark of Shanghai; it is the best place to appreciate Shanghai's history, culture and modern life. Xintiandi covers an area of 30000 square meters and its building area is about 60000 square meters. It has kept the old brick wall and roof tile of Shanghai's Shikumen, making visitors as if getting into time tunnel and returning to the 1920s. However, educational tours in China the inner of each building is built according to the modern urbanite way of life, life rhythm, emotion world in 21st century, becoming an international galleries, boutiques, theme restaurants, coffee bar, etc. The organic combination and clever arrangement let Chinese and foreign tourists to taste unique Shanghai regional culture.

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Xintiandi is divided into the North and South Blocks. In the North Block, antique buildings with their modern interior design, decorations and equipment play host to a dazzling array of restaurants specialising in French, American, German, British, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese, Taiwanese China tours and Hong Kong cuisine, putting on display the full international dimension of Shanghai Xintiandi. The dividing line between the two blocks, Xingye Road, is the site of the First Congress Hall of the Chinese Communist Party. In the South Block, modern architecture is the motif while Shikumen is an accompaniment.

A shopping, entertainment and leisure complex of 25,000 square metres in the South Block opened in mid 2002. Aside from a series of international restaurants representing the flavors of the world, there Yangtze River cruises are classy boutiques, accessory shops, a food court, a movie cinema, a great one-stop fitness centre as well as 88 Xintiandi Executive Residence, which offers luxurious serviced apartments and shanghai girl service. There is also an underground carpark with 220 parking spaces.

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