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Wonderful Shopping in Shanghai Travel (Three)


You may find porcelain made in Jingdezhen in some big department stores.Shanghai Museum has some of the best China tours porcelain available.

Address: 201 Renmin Da Dao.

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Jiading Straw Handicrafts

Xuhang Township of Jiading District, Shanghai, is famous for its soft and tough yellow straws, the best material for straw handcrafts.These light and strong handicrafts include handbags, fruit bowls, cup Yangtze River cruises covers, and slippers. The excellent workmanship and the attractive style make the products a popular souvenir in Shanghai.

Specialist Shopping Areas

Shanghai tours

The Bund

You can see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower from the Bund.

The gentrification of Shanghai's iconic riverfront Bund has seen luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani at No. 3 on the Bund, Dolce & Gabbana at No. 6, and Cartier, Patek Philippe, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Boucheron at No. 18. All have occupied former student tours to China colonial banking headquarters buildings.Blessed with a beautiful view of the Huangpu River, this area is very attractive for shoppers. Find hotels near the Bund

Shanghai Boutique Shops

Shanghai Boutique Shops in the French Concession

It is said that the China tour charm of Shanghai lies in the old streets and neighborhoods that make up the former French Concession, an area of Shanghai once designated for the French colonialists.

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