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Top Shanghai Travel Guide on What-to-buy

Silk & Tailoring

Shanghai is close to the silk-growing areas of Suzhou and Hangzhou and has a long history of fine dressmaking. Cheongsams China tours or (qipao in Chinese) were the cutting edge in the 1930s and have seen a renaissance of late as people re-embrace their past.

You can pick up inexpensive readymade dresses just about anywhere in town (Xiangyang Market, see above, is very cheap), but if you want a quality dress made up, then head for Silk King at 66 Nanjing Dong Yangtze River cruises Lu. Silk costs around ¥30-40 per meter (3 ft 3 inches) and tailor-made dresses can start from as little as ¥500, depending on the fabric chosen.

Shanghai tours

Quality men’s suits can also be made for significantly lower prices than in Europe or Shanghai tour package North America – Dave’s Custom Tailoring at 6, lane 288, Wuyuan Lu, north of Huaihai Lu, is recommended, although suits take 10 days to complete.

If you’ve been having trouble with any of your electronic equpment or just want to pick up some new headphones, a flash-disk or even an adaptor, you can get it all at Modern Electrical City on the southwest corner China tour of the junction of Fuxing Zhong Lu and Xiangyang Nan Lu (Shanxi Nan Lu subway).

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