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Must-see Shopping Areas for Shanghai Travel


Xujiahui is famous for electronic items, with two large electronic malls – Metro City and TaipingYang Suma Plaza that have an exceptional variety of software, computer parts and electronic items China tour with high prices to match.

Yet, there is more to Xujiahui then malls full of electronic Shanghai tour products. This area has complete facilities including two cinemas, two hypermarkets and many shops selling both up-scale and reasonably priced clothes and accessories.

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Some of the department stores in this area are Metro City, The Pacific Department Store, Orient Shopping Centre, Pacific Digital Plaza, Grand Gateway, The Sixth Department Store, Cross Region Plaza and many other large shopping malls. These six giant department stores all cluster in a circular shape, making it easy to get around. You can also use the underground metro walkways as many of the China tours subway exits go directly into the basement level of nearby malls. Even on the way, the hallways are full of small vendors selling their wares

Close to Xujiahui is Hengshan Rd full of bars Yangtze River cruises and restaurants and Yishan Road famous for home lifestyle décor products and furniture.

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