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Shopping Stores in Travel to Shanghai

Shanghai is known for its delicious street vendors and snacks on the go as well as some of the top restaurants in the country. However, not every meal has to be a big event. In fact, Shanghai boasts Shanghai tour fruit and vegetable stands at seemingly every corner. With so many options, and prices varying from high to low, it is hard to know which Farmers Market is best to visit. Fresher than fresh, it’s a real treat to check out the quality and variety of local produce.

Shanghai Silk Mansion Company ltd.

This is the biggest retail and wholesale center for silk fabrics in Shanghai, hence the name "the king of silk" around the world. This company is comprehensive, combining scientific research, production and trade, including some high-technology products. They own a wholesale store and 10 retail stores in Shanghai. The products are popular throughout the 29 provinces and cities of China, especially the "Yi Fang" brand educational tours in China silk fabric, which is both fashionable and of high quality. This has also been a preferred store for official guests, and provided gifts for many VIPs and heads of state, eg from Malaysia, Brunei, Italy, Japan and Singapore, as well as Bill Clinton and family, Tony Blair from the UK, and others.

Shanghai tours

Shanghai Textile and Embroidery

Shanghai has long specialized in silk, textiles and embroidery. The different categories include traditional drawn thread work, machine embroidery, traditional Chinese clothing, painting products, carpet and rug making and beautiful tapestries. These all have unique features; for example, Gu embroidery has a long (over 500 years) history, and Shanghai carpets, woolen or silk, are famous for China tours their exquisite technique and elegant patterns. The tapestries reproduce traditional Chinese scenery or beautiful paintings, in exquisite detail, often reproduced on screens or other artifacts.

Shanghai Silk

Shanghai is a major center for manufacturing and exporting Chinese silk, which is one of the best silks in the world. The silk products are popular with customers at home and abroad, mainly due to the various categories and quality, like silk, satin, damask, brocade, velvet and muslin, and particularly the household word "Jing san Cup" (flowery print silk), which focusses on traditional Yangtze River cruises Chinese paintings, and enjoys a worldwide reputation because of its wonderful colors, typical features and use of the latest technique.

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