Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

First Shanghai Travel of Shopping

I loved my first tour in March but actually think the one I just did in October was even better.....everything I got or had China tours made was great and i will definitely do the tour again next time I am visiting Shanghai.

Taking advantage of the experience and knowledge that the girls have gathered over the years just makes shopping in Shanghai so easy and enjoyable....and much cheaper in the long run....and the service Yangtze River cruises and guarantees they give are just brilliant. Can't recommend this tour enough.

Shanghai tours

I can't talk highly enough about this day. I was feeling a bit jaded by the big malls, uncertain about how to tackle the markets, the bartering and also how to find some good quality local wares. This day sorted it all out for me. We went to a range of interesting places tailored to our particular interests. I would never have found these places on my own. MJ was informative and helpful when needed but didn't crowd your shopping experience either. She was alsoShanghai travel guide great fun. Lunch was a highlight also. Would probably do another of these next time I come to shanghai.

Mum and I travelled to Shanghai last year and the Shanghai Shopping Tour was all booked out. This year, as soon as we booked our flights, we booked the full day tour. Hooray, we had a brilliant day with MJ. I don't like to shop ... Im more of a 'smash and grab' kind of gal. So getting my bearings and getting great advice about how to go about things was brilliant. Last year I had 5 jackets made, this year with MJs contacts, I had 7 jackets, 3 skirts and 4 tops made. All are beautifully made and I found a place that handmade shoes, Suzhou Shoes, where I bought 2 pairs. I spent under $800AUD! I spent a little bit more on a wonderful silk doona (not that I expected to do so, but happy that I did) and some wonderful gifts for people. Mum loved it Shanghai tour package also and it was a perfect introduction to Shanghai life. Do it - its fun and the lunch was beautiful. Liana

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