Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

My Travel to Shanghai Shopping Reviews

We decided to book a half day shopping tour with MJ bc of all the other raving reviews on Tripadvisor & boy are we glad China tours we did! Not only did we get some amazing tailored clothing(they literally made a womens suit for me in less than 12 hours!) but we learned so much about the culture & tips for the rest of our stay in china. MJ is such a fun person & she really makes sure you have a great time! If you want tailored clothes for cheap, love shopping & finding deal, or just want to learn more about Shanghai & things it has to offer I would recommend this tour! One of my husbands favorite spots was the silk factory..they show you how their silk is made and even let you help a little..very cool experience! When we go back to Shanghai..we will definatly book another tour through Shopping Tours Shanghai! Overall a wonderful experience!

We had an incredible private shopping tour with MJ from Shopping Tours Shanghai. I was slightly reluctant to pay for a shopping tour when I consider myself a skilled shopper. However, being a first time Yangtze River cruises visitor to Shanghai, I would have never found the nooks and deals that MJ found for us. The prescription glasses alone were a a great buy (saving literally thousands of dollars from US retail). We came away with 2 cashmere coats, clothes, glasses and great gifts for our friends.

Shanghai tours

I would highly recommend this company - shopping is their business and student tours to China they are constantly searching for new shops opening. They are most definitely the experts!

We met Emily without any problems and there began the shopping trip of a lifetime. All our desires were met from beautifully tailor made clothes (fabrics to die for), modern exquisite ceramics, prescription glasses and stunning freshwater pearls, hand knotted in front of our very eyes - mesmerising! The food along the way was delicious and fun. Emily's communication skills eased our way and gave us confidence to return on our own (three times's no less). The recommendations Emily gave for pampering, food and other guided tours were perfect. Emily filled us with confidence for China tour coping on our own for the remainder of our visit and her follow up on one tiny matter was impressive. We are already planning our next Shanghai Shopping trip.

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