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Travel to Shanghai? Do Avoid Chinese Holidays

Mid-Autumn Festival (lunar festival): A festival celebrating the moon in its biggest and brightest phase. Mooncakes (small round cakes traditionally made of red bean and egg) are eaten at this time. Families China tours gather to eat, talk, and sit up late into the night watching the moon. Lanterns are hung around the house and sky lanterns are released. In Shanghai, however, sky lanterns are banned for security reasons.

National Day (1 October): This holiday celebrates the founding of the People's Republic of China. Local governments organise activities including concerts and firework displays, while Yangtze River cruises military inspections are held every five years. Cities are decorated with flags and posters.

Other holidays

Shanghai tours

International Women's Day (8 March): Women may be given a half-day holiday from work.

Children's Day (4 May): Parents and children spend the day together, usually at events organised by local schools or clubs. Tourist attractions have special discounts for children.

Double Seventh Festival: Qixi Festival or Chinese Valentine's Day is China tour celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calender. Young people exchange flowers and gifts, and shops have sales.

In March, the Shanghai International Literary Festival hosts a gathering of authors, poets and readers for a month of workshops, readings and other events related to the written word. This festival attracts local and international writers across all genres.In late March, early April, Shanghai celebrates the Peach Blossom Festival over a two-week period. Visitors come Shanghai tour to the peach orchards in the Nanhui District to admire the trees. Local homes are transformed into temporary guesthouses, cafés and restaurants. This traditional festival is known as Nongjia le.

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