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With a galaxy of experts in various fields andmasters of great wisdom, Arts Festival Conference is another highlight of China tours thefestival. The past 13 years has witnessed over 100 forums and conferencesincluding 2011 festival forum “Future trends in the development of festivals”, the2010 International Festivals Conference Shanghai, Shanghai Conference ofAsia-Pacific Arts Festival Association Organizing Committee, the 7thInternational Network on Cultural Policy Annual Ministerial Meeting, etc.

China Shanghai International Performing Arts Fair(SPAF) serves as an important platform to recommend national culture to theoutside world and bring in excellent foreign cultures to the domestic market.Up to now, delegates of about 1000 domestic and foreign arts festivals,agencies, performing groups, companies and institutions Yangtze River cruises from over 60 countriesin total have come to attend SPAF. Every year, initial intent of cooperationhas been achieved for hundreds of outstanding programs on this platform, whichgreatly pushes forward the development of domestic performing markets.

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As indispensable components of CSIAF, variousexhibitions and colorful Festival in Festival series bring a big feast to theeyes of the audience. About 5 million people have been attracted to domesticand foreign exhibitions such as “Exhibition of Pablo Picasso ‘s works” ,"NationalTreasures from Egypt", "China in Impression-Chinese Freehand PaintingExhibition", etc, which Shanghai tours creates a rather hot and animated scene.

The China Shanghai International Arts Festival isexerting increasingly greater influence on both domestic and overseas culturalstages, becoming a significant brand of China’s cultural exchange. In recentyears, it has won over ten prizes at home and abroad, including the "ChinaTop Ten Influential Festivals" by IFEA.

In the golden October and by China educational tours theHuangpu River, the 14th China Shanghai International Arts Festival willconsistently present the most fabulous and splendid art feast for the audiencefrom home and abroad.

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