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Travel to Shanghai to Enjoy Festivals

It is surprising that, although Shanghai is a modern, China tours highly developed city, much of Shanghai’s population continues to follow a traditional way of life. Many age-old customs continue to be observed, and this contrast of old and new is part of the fascination of Shanghai. There are many festivals and exhibitions that celebrate Shanghai’s ancient traditions, and they continue to have a profound influence on people's daily life in this amazing city.

In addition to the Yangtze River cruises traditional Chinese festivals, Shanghai also celebrates the following; reflecting both traditional and modern aspects of daily life in modern China, side by side:

Chinese New Year (January or February)

Shanghai tours

Chinese New YearNew Year’s Eve in the traditional Chinese calendar: striking the bell in Longhua Park to ring in the New Year.Striking the bell at New Year is a traditional way for Shanghai people to welcome the coming year. Traditionally, if the bell rings 108 times it will avert trouble and disaster, and bring good luck and longevity. Close to the Longhua Shanghai tour package Ancient Pagoda, Longhua Temple conducts the famous annual ceremony, precisely translated as "hitting the Longhua bell at midnight for the New Year". The enormous bell sounds a deep, melodious note much loved by locals and visitors alike.

Longhua Park is famous for both its ancient Temple and the Longhua Pagoda, the evening bell-striking ceremony and beautiful peach blossom in spring. It is especially worth China tour visiting during the Longhua Temple Fair, the largest in Shanghai and traditionally the day when dragons visit the temple and may be persuaded to grant a wish.

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