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Take Shanghai Tour, Best Times?

The best time of the year to be in Shanghai are in the spring months from March to May when the flowers China tours burst into bloom after the long cold winter. This is the time when the parks and gardens are at their best and the temperatures hover in the region of a very comfortable 20 C.

The summer season from June to September are hot accompanied by rainfall making the weather humid, so it may be best to avoid visiting this time. Steamy days see the temperatures Yangtze River cruises rising to 35 degree C and the accompanying rain makes the humidty levels rise to 86 percent, especially in July and August.

Shanghai tours

The autumn months October to November are quite pleasant with temperatures ranging in the mid 20s C, but late November sees some rain. The winter season from December to February are cold and chilly, with mercury levels falling to freezing point, so best avoided. Granted the Chinese New Year takes place in late January or early China tour February, but it is mostly a family affair with the culmination of the festival taking place in a grand parade and the Festival of Lanterns which is a very colourful affair.

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