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Shanghai Travel Guide of Sun Yat-sen's Residences

Not far from one of the main Shopping districts and in the heart of the French Concession, is the former residence of Dr. Sun Yatsen. Dr. Sun, founder of the Shanghai tours Chinese Nationalist Party and his wife, Madame Song stayed here between 1918 and 1924.

This small home is a charming relic of times gone by and a visit here is a great way to break up a shopping trip to Huaihai Lu and remind yourself of how Shanghai used to be. Dr. Sun and his wife were supported by overseas Chinese in Canada who collected money to purchase the house in support of Dr. Sun's revolutionary activities. It China tours was here that Sun Yatsen reshuffled the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang), reached an agreement for cooperation between the Chinese Nationalist Party and the Chinese Communist Party, and made out his plan for the "International Development of China."

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Today, all the rooms are arranged as they were when Dr. Sun lived here and the house is a fascinating insight into the life of the revolutionary man. The small entrance fee lets you wander round the house and gardens and refreshingly, this is Shanghai tour one sight which is usually peaceful and free from the crowds.

Address: No.7 Xiangshan Road.

How to get there: Take the Yangtze River cruises  subway to Huaihai Lu and then walk, or take a taxi.

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