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Travel to Shanghai to Explore Best Nightlife

Shanghai's place among the world's great party towns goes beyond the fact China tours that its population of 15 million makes it China's biggest city or that it's now the world's busiest port. To be sure, its sheer size and importance as a commercial hub accounts for much of its vitality, but understanding Shanghai's unique position as one of the world's magical cities requires a bit of history.

Its idyllic existence as a walled fishing village ended in 1843 when the Nanjing Treaty forced China to cede Shanghai and four other ports to western powers. Employing ruthless Yangtze River cruises Russian contractors, British firms built impressive banks, trading houses and hotels along a short stretch of the Huangpu River. From these magnificent headquarters on the Bund the British skillfully relieved China of its gold, silk and tea by pushing opium from India and cotton goods mass-produced in England's teeming new industrial centers.

Shanghai tours

The lights of gleaming new Pudong may business travel to China outshine anything in Shanghai after dark but for night crawlers in the know the real action favors the less gaudy areas of the old French Concession.

This unequal trade threw off obscene profits, affording a hedonistic lifestyle that attracted purveyors of every kind of luxury and pleasure. By the 1930s Shanghai had become a latter-day Babylon to rival the fattest cities of the Shanghai tour West. By the turn of the century it was home away from home to shylocks, con artists, soldiers of fortune and prostitutes from every corner of Europe, America and Asia.

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