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Witness Shanghai Nightlife-Great Shanghai Tours

California Club

One for Shanghai's fashion lovers, California Club has a clubby, vibrant China tours atmosphere with renowned resident DJs sending their sounds echoing around a sleek red interior. Music veers from house to progressive to dance, pleasing a crowd of young, image-conscious Shanghai clubbers.

2A Gaolan Road, inside Fuxing Park near Sinan Road, Shanghai


One of the hottest clubs in Shanghai (playing house and hip hop) over the past few years, Muse has three locations. The main club is in north Jing’an. The other two (both smaller) are Yangtze River cruises in the former French Concession area.

New Factories, 68 Yuyao Road, Shanghai

Shanghai tours


Unquestionably underground, on account of it being housed in a converted bomb shelter, this dark, thumping club venue in Shanghai dishes up consistently cool tunes (reggae, drum and bass, Shanghai tour electro, hip hop) and refreshingly cheap drinks.

Live Music in Shanghai: House of Blues & Jazz

Jazz and blues lovers will love a visit to this classy restaurant educational tours in China and bar where the in-house band, which changes every few months, performs live music from around 2200-0100.60 Fuzhou Road, Shanghai

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